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The gloves offer excellent performance in terms of insulation, sensitivity and grip on wet surfaces. Oceania Gloves can be used with both wet suits and dry suits.

Recommended products:

Cold waters (wetsuit): Red Fish, Shark, Leopard Shark.

Cold water (dry suit): Red Fish Deep Water, Leopard Shark Deep Water, Shark Deep Water.

Under Glove: possibility of installation of under glove.

Wet mode (recommended):

Put lots of talcum powder. Maneuver the gloves only from the end of the cuff.

In this video you can see the installation of gloves on dry suit using the Hard Cuff cuff. We show you the installation of the second glove to show you the great advantage of having gloves that allow you to maneuver diving equipment with a lot of agility. You can use both the Red Fish Deep Water model, the Leopard Shark Deep Water model and the Shark Deep Water model. Install the Hard Cuff cuff over the cuff of the dry suit with the tightest part in contact with the skin. Then install the cuff of the glove over the Hard Cuff. This installation allows you to keep your wrist "warm" and minimize water ingress. Despite the excellent watertightness of the glove, as the water pressure increases and as the hand moves, the glove tends to go "vacuum". Water ingress occurs through the glove coating (oozing). It is a very low amount of water that avoids compression of the glove on the hand. In the case of very fast dives to avoid compression of the glove on the hand you can clench your fists or move your wrists to increase sweating. No company in the world publishes data on temperatures of use, but since we are sure that you will ask us through the chat, we tell you that if you do a good installation up to 12 ° centigrade the gloves give good thermal performance (with the FG400N underglove).


Dry mode (only with Leopard Shark Deep Water, Shark Deep Water):

Put lots of talcum powder. Maneuver the gloves only from the end of the cuff.

Since we receive many requests we decided to publish this tutorial for using gloves in dry mode. The use of gloves in dry mode can be tried for specific activities of short duration and shallow depth. That? You need to know Oceania Gloves very well for a "correct" use. To counteract the water pressure and the oozing of the glove, the air flow inside the glove is obtained through the cuff of the under glove. Air management is not easy, also due to hand movements, and the phenomenon of sweating can also occur in dry mode ("vacuum" glove). The sweating process is however very slow and this gives us the possibility to switch the gloves from dry mode to wet mode without flooding the dry suit and finishing the dive.

Hard Cuffs.Silicone.Talc:

Putting talcum powder on top of silicone makes it much easier to wear both gloves and hard cuffs. Hard Cuffs put more pressure on the skin than glove cuffs. This allows the use of Hard Cuffs as a support / improvement also for the cuffs of the dry suit. The cuffs can be adjusted by cutting them straight with scissors.


The goal we have set ourselves is to make diving more pleasant and easier to maneuver diving equipment in cold water, so for any further clarification you can contact us via chat. ##-64- ##