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We publish the most common questions that have come to us in recent months. This is to make it easier to understand and choose the product. For any clarification please contact us.

Do you have different models of gloves, what are the differences?

The differences are in the composition (fiber and coating) of the glove. Latex is more elastic and offers better thermal insulation than nitrile. Polyester is more comfortable and "warmer" than nylon. Fiberglass/polyethylene, on the other hand, has no insulating property but is extremely resistant to cuts and abrasions.

Why not give precise indications on the website for the choice of the type of gloves based on sports activity?

We do not give these indications because they would be too generic. We prefer to give them in private through chats and social channels. Example: The Turtle model can also be a good glove for table sports and can be improved in cold environments with underglove, but perhaps it is better to use a Red Fish or a Shark. If you want the best performance best of all is the Dolphin.

At what temperatures should I put the underglove?

It depends on the sporting activity. Example: the surfer generates a lot of heat in the upper limbs but in the same conditions (water temperature) the diver does not have the same yield in terms of heat to the hands because he uses less the upper limbs. For some sports activities in cold water it is not necessary.

Can you give me some indications for the size? If I want to use an underglove is a larger size better?

Indicatively, the sizes are the common ones on the market. A size 10 individual can also wear a size 9 for greater performance. The gloves are very elastic so a thin underglove does not affect the size. If you plan instead long excursions in snowy landscapes and a thicker underglove, a larger size is better. This makes it easier to wear them.

How durable are gloves?

The double layer of coating on the palm makes the gloves extremely durable. The silicone cuff is impact resistant but does not like abrasive parts, long nails and punctures. It is recommended to wear gloves always in contact with the skin for greater performance.

I dive can you give me some information?

The gloves, when diving deep, do not remain dry but maintain their excellent performance. In the case of use with a wet suit, we recommend wearing them in contact with the skin. In the case of use with a dry suit we recommend wearing them over the cuffs of the dry suit. With under the glove and an installation that minimizes water circulation you can face very cold temperatures.

Do I dive and can these watertight gloves be used in dry mode?

We do not provide guidance for this use.

But who is Oceania?

The Oceania Brand was born in 2021. We sell only through e-commerce and for any clarification or advice contact us. We respond to everyone quickly.