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 Oceania Gloves

Oceania Gloves are perhaps the only product on the market capable of protecting the hand from water. Whether you immerse your entire arm, or your entire body, your hand will stay dry.

"Watertight" or "dry" mode: this is the mode expected when immersing the hand in water for a medium/short duration. The tight silicone cuff creates an excellent barrier against the entry of water. Furthermore, by trapping the hot air generated by the hand, excellent thermal insulation is created.

"Semi-dry" or "wet" mode: for sporting activities which are mainly carried out underwater, no matter how good the adhesion of the silicone on the wrist, water tends to enter through the cracks caused by the movements of the arm muscles. The duration of the hand's waterproofness is given by several factors: depth of dives, duration of dives, shape and muscles of the forearm. However, the process of exudation of water is very slow. Once the water has entered, it tends to exit more quickly from the same entry route due to the compressive movements of the hand during the activity, the glove never fills with water and always remains adherent to the hand. The low water circulation creates excellent thermal insulation.

For instructions on how to put on and take off gloves see the Video section. To choose the model, see the page for each sporting activity and consult the F.A.Q. page. You can consult us on the chat.